News: Pen & Paper

Pen & Paper is an e-magazine published by WhiteSpac3, an online community for Australian artists, galleries and art lovers. This zine showcases their artist's latest works. Every two months it is distributed to all registered individuals including galleries and collectors across Australia. Register for FREE now and grab a copy!

News: Can you do a zine in 24 hours?

Who says zines are dead? This is a challenge along the lines of National Novel Writing Month. In the month of July, this site challenges you to create a 24 page zine in 24 hours. No preliminary planning. What sort of zine would you create?

News: Diseased Pariah News

Diseased Pariah News is a zine for and about people with HIV. It is "a patently offensive publication of, by, and for people with HIV disease (and their friends and loved ones). We are a forum for infected people to share their thoughts, feelings, art, writing and brownie recipes in an atmosphere free of teddy bears, magic rocks, and seronegative guilt." Started in the 1990s, it's up to 11 issues, 8 of which are viewable and downloadable online. It's marked by its trademark dark humor and hon...

News: "How To Make Compost" Zine (Download)

" Interested in learning about how to make your own compost for agriculture, horticulture, your garden, or landscaping project? Thanks to the there is a 30 page DIY zine from 1980 (by H. H. Koepf, originally printed by the Bio-Dynamic Farming & Gardening Association) that has been preserved, scanned, and put up for FREE download on all things compost: How to make compost, types of compost, a guide to successful composting, equipment needed and more.

News: Bind your own Hardback Book

Thinking about binding your own hardback book? Although it might seem like a daunting task, it can be done! And with ease... once you get the hang of it. Luckily, there is a written tutorial floating around on the web to help get you started. Materials you will need to bind your own hardback cover book include:

Words and Stuff: Zine Reviews

Curious about the newest obscure zines to hit the streets? Words and Stuff is a great website full of reviews on zines (mostly in the punk, politics, eroticism, and art arena) that either give the thumbs up or the thumbs down on what's worth purchasing.

News: Thurston Moore reads poetry

Most of you know Thurston Moore as one-fifth of Sonic Youth, but did you know he runs his own record label Ecstatic Peace? Ecstatic Peace not only releases music in tape, vinyl and CD formats, but also releases ace poetry journals edited by Thurston Moore himself. Contributors include Ira Cohen, Byron Coley, Mike Watt (of the Minutemen!), Loren Connors, and tons more. This is a video filmed by Last Exit Magazine of Moore reading a few of his own poems at White Columns in New York City as part...

News: Buy zines!

A list of places to buy zines throughout the United States including Atomic Books (Baltimore), Reading Frenzy (Portland), Quimby's (Chicago), as well as online distributors.

News: Papercut Zine Library

A picture from the old Papercut Zine Library located in Cambridge, MA. They have since moved to Somerville, MA. The Papercut Zine Library carries over 13,000 self-published publications that focus on a variety of subjects. Visit their website to learn more! ... And if you're ever in the Somerville area, be sure to check them out!

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